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         Image result for bulldoghttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulldog   The Bulldog                 Image result for bulldog





                                                       History of the Bulldog-


                Bulldogs, as cute and wrinkly as they are, were actually bred for aggression. They were originally bred for helping butcher's keep control of their livestock. Bulldogs are one of the most popular companion dogs in today's society. Back in the 15th century, in England, Bulldogs were also used for a barbaric sport called "Bull-Baiting". This sport consisted of trained dogs latching onto a tethered bull's nose, and wouldn't let go until the dog was killed or the dog had pulled the bull to the ground. It sounds impossible, but the dog would corkscrew it's body around the bull's neck and shift the bull off it's own gravity. But Bull- baiting was banned in 1835. 





          This breed is known for it's wrinkly appearance. Bulldogs have a broad body and chest, along with thick sturdy limbs. A bulldog's head is short-muzzled and square. Their lifespan is about 8-12 years, and they weigh about 40-50 pounds. They are low to the ground and very muscular. Bulldogs also have droopy round eyes, but thin ears that fold back like a rose. This breed is very inactive, yet they love children and are a great choice for a family dog. Don't expect a bulldog to get up and chase after a ball very often. These dogs are a good choice but be ready to make trips to the vet, they have quite a few health issues. Bulldogs have major respiratory problems along with overheating easily. They have skin allergies and can get eczema. They are known for having arthritis and degenerative spine disease. They can also get "cherry eye", which is a disorder in the Nictitating membrane, also known as the "third eyelid". 


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