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Great Dane

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Great Dane 



Description: A Great Dane is a large German domestic dog known for its giant size.

Life span: about 7 to 10 years.

Height: 2 feet,28 inches to 42 inches tall.

Weight: 100 to 200 pounds.

Dog Breed: working dogs.

Coat Colors: 

  • Fawn(golden color w/ black mask)
  • Brindle(fawn and black intermixed all over the body in a tiger-stripe pattern)
  • Blue(steel blue, which is sort of gray)
  • Black
  • Harlequin(white with regular black patches)
  • Mantle(black and white with solid black blanket over the body) Image result for great dane coat typehttps://www.dog-bree….com/great-dane.html

Coat type: smooth, short hair


History: They were originally bred in Germany for the purposes of hunting the European wild boar. It's believed by that they descend from the English Mastiff and the Irish Wolfhound. It is reported that in 1592, the Duke Braunschweig brought a pack of 600 Great Danes to a boar hunt. They date back to 3000 B.C.



  • They are easy to house train.
  • Don't allow your Great Dane puppies to jump and don't take them jogging until they are at least 18 months old because it will reduce stress on the growing bones and joints. Because they are large dogs it take awhile for their bones and joints to become stable.
  • They rank at the 24th most popular dog breed, according to American Kennel Club (AKC).
  • Need early socialization 
  • Can have development issues. 
  • Scooby doo is a Great Dane. 



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Where do the Great Danes date back too?

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