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Cavalier King Charles

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Dog Breeds

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     Cavalier King Charles is known for having a flat face, undershot jaw, domed skull and large, round, front-facing eyes. They can become very attached to their owners and will make sure you never have a moment alone. They are also known as the largest toy breed dog. They have brown eyes and silky fur. Though being originally bred for hunting they make great companions. These dogs love the outdoors and love to please their owners in any way they can.


     Many Cavalier are depicted from the toy spaniels of the 16th-18th-century paintings. The dogs were loved by many royal and noble families of England. The name derives from King Charles I and later King Charles the II who tended to have at least to or three nearby at all times. After King Charles II died their popularity waned and was later brought back to life in the early 20th century. Cavalier wasn't recognized as a breed until 1945.


Breed Description of a Cavalier King Charles




Interesting facts

    1. King Charles II loved the dogs so much that he decreed that the dogs were not to be denied entrance to any building no matter the importance.

     2. President Ronald Reagan was known to own a Cavalier King Charles.

AKC group

The Cavalier King Charles belongs to the Toy breed.

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What kind of fur is a Cavalier King Charles known for?

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