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Assignment Details

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Your task is to build a page focusing on a dog or cat breed. 

To edit your page, you must log in using your provided username and password.

Your page will be graded on the following criteria:


1. Must include: (20 points total)

     5 points - Description of the breed (color, size, coat type, temperment, etc.)     

     5 points - History of the breed (who, what, when, where, how)

     3 points - 3 Pictures of the breed (url must be listed under of next to the actual photo)

     3 points - Interesting fact(s) about the breed 

     1 points - what AKC group does this dog belong to?

     3 points - Sources listed: 

               for pictures the url must be listed under or next to the actual photo

               for information you must use MLA format.  Examples are found in your planner, or click here:

MLA Format Examples


2. Must not be plageurized!  Your text will be checked by google-ing it to determine if you stole it from another site.   You may use valuble information from other souces, but you must put the information in your own words.  If you would like to use a brief quote from another source, it must be in "quotation marks" and immediately referenced following the quote.  If you choose to plagerize another source points will be deducted from your score  (at Mrs. Roesler's discretion).


3. After you have finished creating your page, you must create a quality question about your breed in the comment section.  A reader should be able to answer the question by reading your page.


Dog Breeds


Cat Breeds


Check out this example of a page that earned full credit: German Shorthaired Pointer


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