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Cat Breeds

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     Abyssinians have large ears, eyes shaped like almonds, a broad head, a slender yet well toned muscular body, and a pretty short tail. Their fur can range from silky feel to a more dense, rough feel. The fur color can be from blue, red, or even a light lilac color. They are a very active cat and it's almost hard to imagine them staying still for a short moment. Due to their loyalty and high level of intelligence, they are easy to train.

A short history of the Abyssinian

     In the Victorian age, the Abyssinian was a highly sought after companion. Nobody is quite sure of the Abyssinians origin but we are led to believe that they were the cats of the pharaohs, therein being worshipped as a cat that was from the gods. Though evidence suggests that they originate from the Indian Ocean coastal area or even the Indonesian islands.

A breeding program help spread the population of the Abyssinians in the 1930's to the US and was a key to restoring the population due to only a small handful of Abyssinians surviving WW2 in England years later.


Abyssinian Cats And Kittens


Abyssinian Cats And Kittens


Abyssinian Cats And Kittens



Interesting Facts

     The Abyssinian was considered as sacred animals to the Egyptians and were therefore treated very well and looked after because of their status.


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Where does the Abyssinian originate from as far as research suggests?

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