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Cat Breeds

Assignment Details 

O r i e n t a l (C a t  B r e e d)

Description: They are built like a Siamese cat, although they range in different coats. Medium size, around from 5 to 10 pounds, slim legs, and thin tail. Eyes can be blue and green, sometimes one blue and one green. Muscular body.

Hypoallergenic: Not 100%.

Temperament: Entertainers, enthusiastic, energetic, curious, and a bit selfish. Smart, talkative, playful, and loving. 

- H i s t o r y - 

How: A hybrid between the Siamese and Russian Blues, and other breeds of cats.

Who: Britain

What: (none)

When: Between 1950's-1970's

Where: Thailand

- P i c t u r e s -

Image result for oriental catsImage result for oriental catsImage result for oriental cats

Picture Links

1.) https://goo.gl/2P1tBD

2.) https://goo.gl/x6g3Zb 

3.) https://goo.gl/DhrAca 

- I n t e r e s t i n g   F a c t s -

1 - They can be over 300 colors and pattern variations.

2 - Able to learn simple commands and tricks like a dog.

3 - They love attention, they need to be the center of attention and they aren't entirely independent.

- Q u e s t i o n -

Which cat is this breed very similar to?

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chloeb said

at 7:22 am on May 2, 2018

Question is in the thing, but if you missed it, it's "Which cat is this breed very similar to?"

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