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Norwegian Forest Cat

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Cat Breeds

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The Norwegian Forest cat is a large, semi-longhaired cats that have large almond-shaped eyes. They have a thick double waterproof coat that comes in white, black and blue, red and cream, amber, and light amber. A typical Norweigan Forest cat is 13 to 22 pounds. Their personality is very mellow and friendly. Also, they love to climb up into high places. 


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Native to Norway, they descended from the longhairs from Turkey that were brought back by Scandinavian warriors after a battle. The Vikings used these cats as mousers ( to catch mouses).In Norwegian mythology, these cats are known as "Skogkatt", they were beloved by the goddess Freya who used them to pull a chariot


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Common health problems for a Norwegian Forest cat is Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Hip dysplasia, and Glycogen storage disease type IV which causes a lack of essential enzymes required for the metabolism to break down glucose.

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What does a Mouser do? 


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